Issue #01



Digital art seems to be like a logical evolution. In general, this art let us redesign what we already saw and our use of technologies. The creation of dematerialized pieces opens even more possibilities when it comes to the exchange with the viewer. New technologies also bring new type of aesthetics and new questions.

As he is obsessed with visual art since his childhood, Don Elektro gets quickly interested in the way people envisioned art. Don_E is a kid from the generation Y who grew up in Leipzig as the use of computers was something very new for the world. As the cold war comes to an end and Germany knows the beginning of globalisation, big sociocultural changes are also happening. After a youth immersed in hip-hop and street art, Don_E gets interested in underground electronic music.

Visual creation becomes a kind of personal therapy for him: a way to make something of his time and his mind using his creative skills. Social networks allow him to discover communities of people enthusiastic about digital art with whom he can exchange and share his productions. Don Elektro has been really inspired by glitch art. However his will was to go even farther. The saturated and unstructured aspect of his art embodies his personality divided into two parts: him and his self-destructive alter ego.

Don Elektro invites us in a parallel dimension where existence is infinite. He uses the internet as a database of visual resources. His work is then all about transforming things. Just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the artist seizes, destruct pictures to recreate new pictures from it. Several themes are used by Don_E such as technology, the internet, human beings, brands, addiction, transcendence, nature and the existence. Don_E questions and criticises the overconsumption of pictures brought by everyday life.

He describes his own aesthetic as visual fast food for the eyes and his reflexion as a post-internet approach. The goal is to transcend the temporal perception of human being. As he creates, Don Elektro takes distance from standard notion of time in order to create and imagine something new and tackle the issue of the human condition.